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 Zoomer is the perfect toy…

Zoomer is the perfect toy for playgroups and Nurseries, for children to ride independently or together. It can be fun inside or outside and it won’t take long for the children to be zooming around.

Made from durable plastic, it comes ready to go and can be rinsed with water, or even left in the rain, so is ideal for the playground.

Developed and produced by two mothers, Zoomer is great for encouraging independence. Zoomer allows children to be active and safe, with no pedals and two wheels at the back for stability – but it’s not a baby bike, it looks cool!

As Zoomer is developing a character, children can stimulate their imaginations by taking Zoomer on adventures. Zoomer is curious and inquisitive, how about looking around the playground and seeing what you can find? And how about putting cones in a line and riding in and out of them? We are developing games to play on Zoomer … please keep checking the website for new ideas.

*** Special Offer for Nurseries and Playgourps ***

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