Made in the UK

Zoomer is a ride-on toy, suitable for young children. Zoomer is made in the UK and complies with European and British Toy Safety Standard EN71.

Children who can walk confidently unaided, and whose feet touch the ground whilst seated with a bent leg, can ride all by themselves.

Zoomer has been produced to an exacting standard, to provide stability and manoeuvrabilty.

Height (at top of handle bars) 500mm
Seat height 277mm
Length 775mm
Width 370mm

The plastic used is ‘food grade’ standard, which means it is lead free and could be used for storing food products.

How to maximize fun on Zoomer;

Zoomer is for young children who can walk unaided, with a maximum weight of 25kg. Please be aware that a child travelling at speed may injure themselves if they fall.


  • ride inside or outside
  • ride on a smooth, flat surface
  • ride with two feet on the ground
  • wear a helmet and shoes when outside
  • sit on Zoomer one at a time


  • ride on the road
  • stand on Zoomer
  • ride on a hill, incline, bridge, near steps or water, in icy conditions or on gravelly surfaces

Please check the handlebar and wheels regularly. Zoomer Ltd does not take responsibility for any accident or injury to individuals or damage to property whilst the toy is in use.