Zoomer is fun, curious, adventurous, friendly and busy … he’s going places!

Hello! Thank you for visiting Zoomer. We are Liza and Felicity, founders and directors of Zoomer.

Zoomer was born from having five boys between us, always on the go and always looking for fun! Having tried various ride-ons (long on money, short on fun), we decided to develop one of our own. With fun being the priority, we wanted to produce something safe and stable that gave the children freedom, within reason!

Zoomer soon began to grow a personality. Whilst juggling family and business life, we registered our company in 2012 and are delighted to bring Zoomer to life in 2015. We have developed and produced the bike in the UK, following our ‘home-grown’ approach. The bike has been developed to European safety standards and we strive to work with the best partners to produce a high quality product.

We have taken great care to work with small, UK-based businesses wherever possible. Each Zoomer is made and assembled in the UK, boxed, stored and ready to be sold.

We are working with UK manufacturer, Weltonhurst Ltd, in Blackburn. They have helped us to improve on our original design and provide a reliable production of Zoomers. We have learnt a lot about plastic blow-moudling!

Our boxes are from W E Roberts, a cardboard and packaging manufacturer in Kent. They have worked with us to make a bespoke box, of recycled materials, to ensure Zoomer is stored and delivered in perfect condition to its new owners. The box may even be as much fun as Zoomer, although much shorter lived!

Our storage facility in Hampshire, Bleach of Lavant is run by a fourth generation family business, who have taken time to understand how Zoomer needs to be stored and delivered to us, or its new owner.

Our logo, and print materials have been developed by Smyle Design, by the very creative and patient Myles Synnott.

Our website is looked after by D&A Graphics a creative web design and development studio in Cobham, Surrey.

Thank you to those who have worked to help us reach our goal of bringing Zoomer to life and the UK market!