Welcome to Zoomer… the new ride-on that’s going places!


Zoomer is a fantastic new ride-on toy for boys and girls. Zoomer is made in the UK and can provide hours of fun, inside and outside. Lightweight and stable, your child will never want to get off!

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Stimulate your child’s imagination with Zoomer, see the adventures children around the UK are enjoying.

Find out all you need to know about Zoomer. How it is made, its dimensions, materials and the people behind it.


Taking a walk by our house.

Zoomer joined us today when we went for a walk. He is really good at taking turns and we all had a go. We made some new friends. When we were in the woods, Zoomer liked hiding behind the trees!

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Nee-nar, nee-nar!

Zoomer can be very helpful when I play fire-fighter. He gets me where I need to be and helps to rescue my toys. He’s always ready to go!

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Sprinkler fun!

Zoomer joined a friend in the garden today. It was so hot Mummy turned the sprinkler on. After having a good ride around the garden, they approached the sprinkler … the boy ran away leaving Zoomer to get a lovely rinse!

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A trip to the river

Zoomer came home to one of the founders’ today and met the Groombridge boys.

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Latest Zoomer News

Zoomer is ready for Christmas.

By Felicity

With Halloween and Bonfire Night behind us, we are all turning our attention to Christmas! Zoomer makes a fantastic Christmas present for any active toddler and we had a lot of fun taking our Christmas photos (in early October!). A huge thank you to Tamara van den Velden Photography . Here is our Christmas poster.
As we approach Christmas, Zoomer will be out and about more … from Wed 25 – Sun 29 November you can find us at the IDEAL Christmas Show at Olympia. Happy Christmas Shopping!!

Zoomer is ready for Christmas